Finding your sound oftentimes may take a team. That’s exactly why it’s essential to work with others when honing your creative touch as an artist. Having a third person perspective is necessary when breaching the walls of bias and looking at your brand/music from a marketing perspective through the lens of music professionals who have a successful view of the industry. Before stepping into the studio and pushing record, know your sound and know where you excel. Or else, perchance, you will be throwing money down the drain before even pushing GO.

Successful artists take their time understanding themselves, their market and what ingredients make up their brand/sound. As a result, the passion they exert and the music they create is both naturally stronger and better perfected. Speed up the process by working with Harrison Fine, locally award-winning producer, engineer, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. To learn more about Fine, please visit the “About Us” and “Head Engineer” sections.

The key creative development is defining the artist’s strengths, weaknesses and passions both artistically and personally. This process acts as the foundation for development and any proceeding creative process. Many creative elements are fastened around these fundamental questions. These founded strengths are further transplanted into every element of your sound and brand. To simplify it further, a spotlight is placed on finding out what makes “you” unique. The process acts as a magnifying glass aimed directly at you. Practically speaking, it’s one big revision process.

To reiterate, working with tried and true music professionals who have a fundamentally proven, unique view and perspective of the music industry is essentially to successfully growing an artists brand. Simply put, as artists we can only wear so many hats. Especially when our bias hinders our ability to grow beyond our walls.

Harrison Fine has been recording, editing and mixing audio in Pro Tools since 2005 and has been working in studios since 2009. His technical insight is industry standard and his enthusiasm is exceptional. Only industry-standard gear is used on each song. His style can be described as a raw and organic sound that bursts with life and realism. Thousands of hours have been put into efficient practice with this gear. He knows his setup inside and out.

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