Fine Tips No. 2 – What Does Your Music Sound Like?


What Does Your Music Sound Like?

We get it, you don’t want to be ‘labeled’, ‘classified’ or ‘pigeon holed’ into a genre. Your music is so unique, Prima Donna, and we get it…

As a musician, you want to separate your craft from everyone else and rightfully so! However, how the heck is anyone going to book you if they can’t figure out what you are? Everything has its own genre, music included. You have FOX News that leans more to the republican side and CNN that leans away from that in the Broadcast world. You have avante garde versus haute couture in the fashion world and you have Winter Olympics versus Summer Olympics in Sports world. It’s no different in the music world.

When it comes to picking a genre, you will need to step away from your creative mindset as a musician and focus on marketing. By now, you should already be looking at your craft as a business. You are always trying to sell yourself to someone in one of 2 markets: Market 1 is B2B and Market 2 is B2C.

Does it sound like a whole lot of gibberish? Here is the breakdown:

Market 1 – B2B (Business to Business): Music Grants, Festivals, Booking Agents, Licensing Deals, Presenters, Radio Stations and other formal music establishments.

If they are presenting you to an audience, booking your for a show or funding your craft, they are going to want to know that you can fit in somewhere. Music grant juries don’t like to fund something that doesn’t have a large potential market. Music festivals and booking agents need to know which stage or venue to put you on and which artists you should share said stage and venue with.

In order to keep things simple for this market, pick an umbrella genre from the following:

  • Alternative Music
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Dance/Electronic Dance Music
  • Easy Listening
  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Hip Hop / Rap
  • Indie Pop
  • Inspirational (incl. Gospel)
  • Instrumental
  • Jazz
  • Latin Music
  • New Age
  • Opera
  • Pop/Top 40
  • R&B / Soul
  • Reggae
  • Rock
  • World Music

Market 2 – B2C (Business to Consumer): Fans, Curators, Bloggers, Niche Radio Stations and anyone that purchases your music or caterers it to very specific audiences. 

The B2C market is where you have to stand out. You still have to pick genres, but this time “School Boy Rock”, “Acid Jazz Opera Trance”, “Dark Depression Trap” can actually work in your favor because the majority of your fans are typically looking for something new and different to listen to. Additionally, bloggers and publications are looking for something that will keep people reading and many curators are piecing together lists that are based on moods, atmospheres and sonic aesthetics. Remember that artists like The Weeknd, Phantogram and Taylor Swift have mashed genres and made it work, so go on with your unique self!

BONUS: You WILL be asked who you sound like. Settle down! Don’t be annoyed or pull a diva move on anybody. Just pick 2 or 3 artists that you sound like. For example: A mixture of Bjork and Beyonce… (that would actually be something worth hearing, FYI).

*These are just the most common genres. 

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We hope that all of the tips listed help you advance in your music career. Stay tuned for FINE Productions Fine Tips No. 3!

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