Head Engineer/Producer

Toronto’s Harrison Fine of FINE Productions doesn’t just usher you into the studio and produce you. He wants to know what makes you tick and why you create the music you do. The award-winning producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter wants to get personal.

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“As an artist myself, I carefully focus on every element of your song, from the initial arrangement to the final mix. Every detail outlines your song’s purpose and why it exists—it’s those micro- details that make the song what it is. When I take on your project, I intimately connect with it. This is because I strongly believe the only way to capture a moment of excitement and purpose is for us personally to be honest, passionate and enthused when face-to-face with the microphone.”

A recording artist himself, Harrison is well-connected in the songwriter and indie music community. Within that world, he takes time to pick the right artists to produce, assessing their lyrics, arrangements and instrumentation. “Pre-production is our friend,” he says. “What matters more than the mic I choose is the song you record. If you don’t have good material to start, you can’t get a good song in the end.”

Harrison’s interest in music began in his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario. In grade 10 he picked up his first guitar and after a few years of playing in high school bands, got hooked on home recording. In 2005, he attended Metalworks Institute, a recording school held at its world-class studio in the Greater Toronto Area and in 2009, furthered his education with a one-on-one course at Toronto’s Number 9 Recording School / recording studio, thereafter graduating with Honours.

Pairing up with jazz producer and multi-instrumentalist George Koller, Harrison worked as an assistant and audio engineer on the World Jazz For Haiti charity album, featuring such names as John McDermott, David Clayton-Thomas, Holly Cole and Jane Bunnett. “While I don’t predominantly work with Jazz music, the genre has influenced my style as a producer — knowing when to leave in mistakes understanding how to produce organic and lifelike takes while not over-producing,” he explains.

In 2009, Harrison started focusing on his songwriting and bringing that strength to his clients. Operating out of his four room Point Blank Studios, Harrison built a client base of local talent such as Carl Lorusso Jr. and Dante Matas. Harrison has been building a name for himself ever since, earning the nomination for NOW Magazine’s Best Toronto Producer in 2013 and winning the title back-to-back in 2014 and 2015. In 2011 to 2014, he co-hosted the “Out of Phase” podcast while his most recent podcast, “Get Your Mic On” discusses the complex psychology behind the double lives of artists. In 2014, Harrison rebranded as FINE Productions and
reopened the doors to his gorgeous three room studio in the culturally rich, thriving singer- songwriter community of Kensington Market.

While he continues to nurture and shape the sound and songs of Canadian artists, the producer/engineer/songwriter is always recording new material for his alter-ego Opus Eyes, singing, playing, producing, engineering and mixing all the tracks. “Opus Eyes stands for the voice inside us that cannot take sh*t anymore.” Harrison says. “Opus Eyes pushes the boundaries of just what alternative pop and electronic music can do.” As a producer, he works with everything from folk to reggae, alternative to indie – and all with a pop tinge. “With every project I take on, I push myself both creativity and mentally,” he says. “With every project I take on, I go for gold.”