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With two European and four Canadian treks under her belt, BBC Radio is calling Angela Saini “massively talented” after the release of her sunshine-soaked  single “Living on The Bright Side. “  Currently in rotation on the Pop Adult station on Stingray Digital across Canada, Angela was nominated for “Best Female Vocalist” in NOW Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards in 2015 and blogTO named her in their “Top 5 Folk Acts to Watch.”

Ryan Ayukawa – Since this will be for Fine Production – you’ve have a chance to go in their studio in the past – what was that experience like?

Angela Saini – Great! Harrison and I have known each other for quite some time and I really respect his outlook on life and enjoy his personality… he can be quite zen-like. We recorded my new single “Living on the Bright Side” live-off-the-floor. One microphone, one take. We also had Derek Mok filming the whole thing (it’s on my Youtube page) and it was a fun experience. I can be quite a perfectionist particularly in the studio and with a scenario like that I was a bit nervous. Harrison was so easy going and made me feel right at home.

Ryan Ayukawa – You have the new live album coming out Dec 1 – how did you decide on a live album and what show(s) ended up on it?

Angela Saini – I have always wanted to do a live album. My live show is a big part of what I do and I am happy to have been able to capture it. The energy, banter, and conviction of a live show isn’t there in a studio recording. I was opening for Martin Sexton at The Mod Club this spring and my friend Eric Stecki was doing the sound that night at offered to record it. Two weeks later we had a full band show at The Drake Hotel and he volunteered to record that one too, and there it was. I am lucky to be able to showcase both my acoustic solo show as well as a fuller band sound all in the same project. I think it really captures who I am as an artist and the versatile ways I present my songs.

Ryan Ayukawa – Being a bit of a perfectionist, does that enter into any non-music parts of your life?

Angela Saini – It does a little bit. I try to keep that in check. In some ways I can be really disorganized for example, but then I like things to be a certain way at home. For example, I can’t stand having dishes or glassware in the “wrong place,” but then I can be getting ready for a show and be throwing clothes all over the room. I think we’re all like that, we all have our quirks right?

Ryan Ayukawa – Are there any band member quirks you can mention? like a Tim Horton’s addiction?

Angela Saini – I’ve known Jeff (bass player) for a long time, we played together in my old band Drive Faster. He definitely has some preferences; if he had his way he would wear shorts every day. He hates pants!

Francois (lead guitarist) is the man-jewelry guy in the band. He wears more rings and bracelets than I do. It totally suits him and he has that “rock star” vibe going.

Dave (drummer) is really into graphic novels. Him and Jeff both are. Sometimes at rehearsals they will talk about the latest thing and all I hear is “wah wah wah wah….” I don’t get it. I’ll usually zone out or tune my guitar or something.

Ryan Ayukawa – Back to the album release – How does the Cameron House fit well with this show?

Angela Saini – I really like the back room. I’ve had some great shows there and it’s pretty intimate. My most memorable moment was a time the power went out and without skipping a beat I just jumped into the middle of the room and finished my show purely acoustic by candlelight. There was something magical about it. I secretly wish that would happen again, but with a band that would be way more complicated!

Ryan Ayukawa – You’ve played through a number of venues in Toronto and across Canada – what’s still on your (ideal) list of places to play (only one more q after this)?

Angela Saini – Yes, I have been lucky to play some awesome stages. Without listing a repeat I’m going to say the obvious one: I would love to play Massey Hall. My ultimate dream show. Also I haven’t played Guilt and Co. in Vancouver and would love to get there my next tour.

Ryan Ayukawa – And finally- after the Dec 1 show, what’s next?

Angela Saini – The live album is out December 2nd, along with some videos coming online soon. I’m planning some new “Living on the Bright Side” merch that I’m really excited about for the new year along with more shows, and the biggest focus for 2017 is finishing the full-length album. Right now my world is Demo Land. Population: Me.

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