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Her Harbour indie-folk singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Gabrielle Giguere.

On February 6 at Toronto’s Burdock (1184 Bloor St. W.), she releases her new album “Go Gently Into The Night”. Her previous recording “Winter’s Ghosts” touched on themes of loss, heartbreak, abuse, and mental illness. The new album continues to explore deep emotions, while as she adds, “I hope the listeners feel the hope that exists throughout it.”

Her Harbour was named “Female Vocalist of the Year” by Radio Canada’s Medium Large. 

Ahead of the upcoming album release, Her Harbour found time to have an online interview with Ryan Ayukawa at Fine Productions.

RA: Your previous recordings delved into some very personal emotional themes. How does the new one “Go Gently Into The Night” compare as far as exploring your feelings?
Her Harbour: That definitely continues with this album. I think it’s the nature of my writing for this project.

RA: Do you have one or two feelings that really are prevalent through the new album?
Her Harbour: Well, a lot of my writing for ‘Go Gently Into the Night’ was anchored in an attempt to make peace with death as a character of growing importance in my life. So of course there’s some darkness to the album, but I came out better for it and I hope the listeners will feel the hope that exists throughout it.

RA: Switching over to the album release – how did you select the Burdock as the right venue?
Her Harbour: I’ve actually wanted to play the Burdock for a while. I’m working with Ears and Eyes for the show and when Jackson suggested it, the Burdock seemed like a perfect setting. I love the intimacy of the space.

RA: Will you have time to do any Toronto-ish things while you’re here or just off to the next show?
Her Harbour: I’m coming through pretty quickly, but I’m hoping to spend some time with Toronto pals while I’m down.

RA: Any Toronto venues that are still on your, I’d love to play one day list?
Her Harbour: I’ve yet to play a church or hall in Toronto. That would be a dream.

RA: Any folks you’d like to give a send-out / thanks to for this album/tour?
Her Harbour: Oh my goodness, yes! I owe this record to so many people. My family and friends of course, E-Tron Records, everybody who contributed to the album (Dave Draves, Mika Posen, Philippe Charbonneau, Isaac Vallentin, Olivier Fairfield, Jamie Kronick, Pierre-Luc Clément, Howard Bilerman, Harris Newman). LOG Creative Bureau who put so much care into the design. The Ottawa Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council, FACTOR for their support and funding. MEGAPHONO, Arboretum Festival, Blue Skies Turn Black… I could go on…

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