New Service Available: Audio Editing

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Treat your tracks to the professional editing process it deserves!

The samples above highlight how subtle editing can correct timing problems and strengthen mixes in live-off-the-floor environments.

As music creators, we must understand the importance and relevance of editing music for a new generation of new listeners. Successful and modern music productions have a tendency of being very clean and well edited. The modern editing process involves multiple steps/stages and it is common to dedicate hours towards ensuring your track rivals the professionals. During the editing stages, it is common for engineers to:

1. Edit out breaths
2. Quantize audio
3. Auto-Tune
4. Align vocal tracks
5. Time-shifting
6. Fades and crossfading
7. Track comping
8. Pop & click removal
9. Basic track cleaning

While targeting every element may not be necessary, ensuring you dedicate time towards the editing process will guarantee an added level of professionalism. To learn more about FINE Productions editing process, email us using the contact form at the bottom of the page or CLICK HERE.


Karl MachatKarl Machat, mastering engineer at Mister’s Mastering House, has been putting the final touches on artist music projects for over ten years.

With over twenty years professional industry experience including quality assurance and duplication, his credits are on hundreds of albums and singles released in Canada, United States, and abroad. A musician himself, he knows and understands both the technical and creative worlds, and gives an empathetic ear to a musician’s needs.

harrisonfinesquareToronto’s Harrison Fine of FINE Productions doesn’t just usher you into the studio and produce you. He wants to know what makes you tick and why you create the music you do. The award-winning producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter wants to get personal.

Harrison has been building a name for himself ever since, earning NOW magazine’s Best Producer in Toronto nomination in 2013 and winning the title in 2014.

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