Open House

This valentines day, Toronto officially celebrated the launch of FINE Productions new recording studio and production house – situated in the heart of Kensington Market, Toronto’s most vibrant and diverse neighbourhood. As Robert Fulford once said, “Kensington today is as much a legend as a district.” To this day Kensington remains a world class destination for arts and culture.  
Although Toronto has no shortage of studios in its downtown core, few are owned by producers—let alone producers who double as artists. Having produced and engineered many gifted artists such as Juno and Grammy winners Holly Cole and David Clayton Thomas, what makes Harrison truly unique is that he has travelled throughout Ontario as a songwriter, and is highly tuned into the complex psychology of the artist.”

“When you are recording with Harrison you are working with a fellow artist, and he has the instinct to know when to give you space and when to lend a helping hand with constructive and knowledgeable guidance.” – Carl Lorusso Jr, singer-songwriter.

“Working with Harrison Fine is always great. He is someone who cares enough about the artists and their projects to listen. Caring about the true vision of a project is something special. His passion for music and technical knowledge is very impressive. Having a Producer/ Engineer combined with a Songwriter/Musician is a true blessing when trying to bring ideas to life.” – Tony Roost, One Fire Movement.

Fine’s credits as a songwriter, producer, engineer, session musician and songwriter include, but are not limited to Laila Biali, John McDermott, Guido Basso, DK Ibomeka, Alissa Vox Raw, Social Potion, Amy Pitt, Annie Bonsignore, Angela Saini, Tony Roost, Brendan Albert, Brooke Harris, Carl Lorusso Jr., Dante Matas, Derek Mok, Ento, Train Electric, GRAY, I.M. Brown, Jeff Alan Greenway, Kate Todd, Marcus Walker, Meghan Morrison, Meghan Norah, Myke Mazzei, Paul Manchin, Rehan Dalal, The Responsables and Tiger Lil. He also works for One Fire Movement, a charitable arts based organization.

“What I do as a producer is I focus on elements of the song, it’s purpose, the reason it exists and the numerous creative elements others might miss,” Fine says. “When I take on a project, I become intimately connected to it because I strongly believe that if we’re not passionate about our art, how can music fans ever be?”

Further information regarding the opening of FINE Productions in Kensington Market, the producer himself or his electronic pop project Opus Eyes can be found by either visiting or by emailing Fine at


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