Harrison Fine: Opus Eyes


The brainchild of award winning Toronto producer, Harrison Fine. His hyped debut album, Lightswitch will arrive this Spring, 2015.

NOW Magazine’s Best Producer of 2014 to release solo EP

Opus Eyes is the alter-ego of award winning Toronto producer and songwriter Harrison Fine. Drawing on over a decade of experience working as a producer and audio engineer for hundreds of artists, performing in bands and as a solo singer-songwriter, the Opus Eyes project is a dramatic creative unleashing of Fine’s many talents. The highly anticipated Opus Eyes debut EP “Lightswitch” pushes the boundaries of just what alternative pop and electronic music can do. Designed to be a cinematic listener experience, the music is a unique genre-blending fusion of both electronic and organic sounds. You can dance to it, yet the songs are also intricately crafted and deeply meaningful. You can also easily hear influences of world music, 80s synth and electronic greats such as Imogen Heap, Madeon and Daft Punk. “This music was created with the listener in mind. It was written with soul and delivered with a spirit.” says Fine. “Opus Eyes is almost a living and breathing entity in its own right. It is everything mysterious, spiritual and introspective. It strikes a chord beyond the mental and physical. I hope that people can relate to it, be inspired by it and that it fosters a sense of courage and determination. Opus Eyes stands for that voice inside us that cannot take sh*t anymore.” Lightswitch is now available for download on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.


The music itself is electronic and cinematic pop – a unique fusion of both electronic and organic sounds, with trancelike beats, passion-fueled vocals and meaningful lyrics.

“I want the Opus Eyes EP to be a real listener experience.” says Fine. “Sure, it’s designed to make you move, but it’s also designed to make you feel. I find that most electronic music sounds sterile and robotic. So I actually left some of the imperfections in, because I wanted the songs to sound warmer and more human.”

“His sound is sonically fresh and emotionally interesting.” says singer-songwriter Heather Hill. “I’m really looking forward to hearing the finished EP.”

“I saw him perform recently and it was epic! I can’t wait to hear more.” says live vocal looper Alissa Vox Raw.


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