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Wish your music stood out from the crowd? Invest in pre-production with Harrison Fine, a music industry expert, professional, locally-award winning music producer and engineer with a unique and successful view of the music industry!  

Pre-production is oftentimes overlooked by artists when diving headfirst into the recording process. The pre-production process also properly and professionally prepares artists for stepping in front of the microphone. At FINE Productions, we intensively critique your music by discussing, creating and reviewing arrangements, compositions, lyrics, instrumentation, album concepts, glue, etc. The result is a stronger plan which results in a stronger album.

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There are various aspects that go into a successful pre-production session. At FINE Productions, we start by reviewing and picking your strongest songs. It’s integral an artist puts their best foot forward with each album release. Which songs we pick are based on the songs intended purpose. Next, we’ll look at lyrics, the song’s message and it’s creative purpose. We’ll make sure song concepts are clear, simple, and concise. Technical creativity will be found through rhyming structure and a careful choice of wording. From here, elements of your songs may be critiqued and reviewed for melody, rhythm, structure, syncopation, instrumentation, etc.  to ensure your material being represented in its most professional and best form. It’s important that each step of this process is carefully engineered for the individual’s artistic direction.

There are many additional elements which impact the success of an album. The artist’s role in the music market, for example. Which market is the artist’s songs best suited for? Album success comes from being very picky and not skipping the little details. Furthermore, an artist’s past releases should at least influence the pre-production process. What song sold the most from your last record? What track was the most popular? What feedback were you given most often? What can we learn from your previous mistakes? Etc.

Finally, once we have finished, a solid rough draft will be recorded to capture each idea discussed for reviewal and submission purposes.

Harrison Fine has been recording, editing and mixing audio in Pro Tools since 2005 and has been working in studios since 2009. His technical insight is industry standard and his enthusiasm is exceptional. Only industry-standard gear is used on each song. His style can be described as a raw and organic sound that bursts with life and realism. Thousands of hours have been put into efficient practice with this gear. He knows his setup inside and out.

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