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tcfolkpunk"The rooms (at FINE Productions) share a great vibe, and the selection of microphones, guitar amps (real and virtual) and recording software/hardware is impressive. Harrison is dedicated and pays close attention to details." – T.C. Folkpunk, singer-songwriter/actor

rileyoconnor"I look forward to any opportunity to work with Harrison, and have been lucky to have my drum performances captured beautifully for several artists on the Fine Productions roster. Harrison creates a relaxed environment and intuitively knows how to work with both artists and session musicians to bring out their best. This is the hallmark of a fine producer and the quality of his work speaks for itself.” – Riley O’Connor, international session and touring drummer

texasdirty"Can't recommend Harrison enough. Professional, efficient, great to work with!" – Omar Findlay, Texas Dirty


texasdirty"We just finished a couple songs here and it was delightful. Harrison is by far one of the most creative and easy to work with people I had recorded with." – Mike Gavrailoff, Texas Dirty

noahzacharin“I have worked in many studios with many producers/engineers, and Harrison is at the top of a marvellous heap. When we've worked together he has consistently found the sweet spot mic'ing my guitar, and has then optimally used in the mix the sounds he's trapped. As he already comes highly recommended and rewarded, my voice can only echo what has already been said: Harrison Fine knows his stuff, and will apply it, with care and professionalism, to your project” – Noah Zacharin - Singer-songwriter/Guitarist

Carl Lorusso Jr.“Harrison creates a comfortable atmosphere in his studio, and has the ability to put you at ease throughout a process that can sometimes be tough on a creative vision. When you are recording with Harrison you are working with a fellow artist, and he has the instinct to know when to give you space, and when to lend a helping hand with constructive and knowledgeable guidance.” – Carl Lorusso Jr, singer-songwriter

avr“It’s always refreshing to find someone in this industry that is about more than the bottom line. Harrison is someone who believes in the music, and roots for the artist, putting great care into each project and making a game plan that suits its specific needs” – Alissa Vox Raw, acclaimed singer-songwriter and live vocal looper

IndiePool_Digipak_Template_11x17-JEFF-FINAL-MAR23“I worked with Harrison on my album “Great Expectation” as well as several singles. He did an excellent job tracking drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals, and was incredibly fast, professional, and a great person to work with. Because he’s also a musician and songwriter, he brings a lot of great creative ideas to the table as well, and definitely goes an extra mile for his clients”.

One Fire Movement“Working with Harrison Fine is always great. He is someone that cares enough about the artists and project to listen. Caring about the true vision of a project is something special. His passion for music and technical knowledge is very impressive. Having a Producer/Engineer combined with a Songwriter/Musician is a true blessing when trying to bring ideas to life. Harrison is professional and patient – also amazing attributes to have in the studio to help work out ideas. He is a valued family member of One Fire Movement and continues to be a part of all of the amazing projects that we work on. I strongly recommend working with Harrison Fine !” – Tony Roost, founder of One Fire Movement

avatars-000010782610-16pef8-t200x200“Harrison Fine is a proven professional who’s shown time and time again that he can deliver technically accurate mixes the first time. Taking care of the technical aspects leaves more time for the all important creative elements. Harrison’s productions are a pleasure to master.” – Karl Machat, head mastering engineer at Mister’s Mastering House

lenka“Harrison is a highly knowledgeable, competent and intuitive professional, and a really nice person to work with.” – Lenka Lichtenberg, multi-award winning recording artist


dkibomeka“I worked with Harrison Fine on my album of original songs, Ocean. He was a significant presence in the studio and his patient and hands-on approach in nurturing the recording process was much appreciated and as it turns out, very necessary. I have memories of being in the studio late at night working on background vocals with Harrison, tired as I could be and ready to quit for the night. He was a true motivator and managed to help me stick it out and capture my vision. His knowledge of music, along with his passion for production and recording was key in the studio and his kind nature and personable style made it easy for me to be vulnerable and committed at the mic. I’m happy to have worked with Harrison in bringing these songs to life on Ocean and I hope to work with him again in the future!” – DK Ibomeka, acclaimed jazz singer-songwriter