The Recording Process


**totransferDuring the recording process, a professional engineer will take advantage of quality recording spaces to ensure their work meets industry standards. Harrison Fine has built relationships with recording studios in Toronto to ensure your music get’s the sonic treatment it deserves.

Why is a professional recording space important? Can’t we just set up shop in any old location? If you’re looking for quality results, no. To give an example, if we were to play music in different spaces, a bathroom, a church, your living room, a movie theatre and the great outdoors, we would quickly notice how each space colours the sound in fundamentally different ways. Therefore when we record audio, these sonic fingerprints are picked up using our studio mics. This is why it’s critical the engineer uses acoustically treated rooms to ensure the best results possible.

Below are just a few studios that Harrison Fine regularly uses during the recording process. To learn more or to set up a meeting, please contact Harrison using the contact form below.


pawnshop studiosThe Pawn Shop brings teleports you back to a time when tape machines and consoles ruled the industry. Nestled in the heart of Kensington market, the studio’s vintage decor and heartwarming vibe make the recording process extremely enjoyable and creative. Pawn Shop is hands down like a flashback to every 80s recording studio environment. For these reasons and many more, it ranks high on Fine’s radar for recording and tracking needs. Pawn Shop houses industry standard gear to ensure high-class recording quality. Mixing and editing will be done in house at StudioFINE and any additional and necessary overdubs.



Verge StudiosSet in the historic Music Mansion in downtown Toronto, Verge Music Lab is a cozy studio with a great vibe and lots of wood. Located in the heart of the city, Verge is a versatile professional recording studio equipped with industry standard gear and delivers world class recordings. These reasons alone make Verge the first choice for FINE Production’s recording and tracking needs. Mixing and editing will be done in house at StudioFINE and any additional and necessary overdubs.



08StudioFINE is the perfect space for the project you have. Fine’s cozy private studio stocks industry standard gear and is equipped to take on a wide variety of services. Due to it’s smaller size, costs are reduced which ensures you stay on budget. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, StudioFINE is within walking distance from Allan Gardens Park. Perfect for smaller productions, acoustic recording, mixing and editing projects and more. Contact us to discover how StudioFINE might be the perfect studio space for your next recording project!


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